100 – Years old tree re-erected itself in Oyo State right in Sabo Market.


An incident occur in Oyo where a  tree which is believed to be over three hundred years old was said to have been pulled down by Monday evening rainfall which was accompanied with thunderstorms.


To the explanations we heard from those who saw it when it happened, we found out that the tree didn’t kill anyone but injured one person on his leg and  about four people who were trapped under it while another person survived with minor injury.

In the video there are some people who witnessed the incident when it happened and we were told that the machines that was used to cut down the tree was collapse one after the other until they make sure it was done perfectly.


More over when heard from those who knew about the tree story that the tree planted by those who worship sango and however most of them are dead already and we heard that when the incident happened some worshiper came to the tree and pour something’s down the tree.

Meanwhile, report has it that people in their thousands have continued to storm the scene to catch a glimpse of the mysterious situation.

However The king of Oyo whom his Alaafin Of Oyo also showed up to confirm what really happened and here are what he says below when they ask him some questions.

This is pure mystery,

God do things as he please

We will make this a tourist center for people to see

Watch the video below👇


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