ENT/GIST/NEWS: BBNaija Season 6; 7 Steps to Make Your Picture, Messages and Comments to show on TV

Download More ENT/GIST/NEWS: BBNAIJA Season 6; How to make your Messages and comments shown on the TV.

 Big Brother Naija Season 6 Update

BBNaija Season 6: 7 Steps to Make Your Picture, Message and Comments to shown on TV.

BBNaija Season 6: 7 Steps to Make Your Picture, Message and Comments to show on TV. Hello #BBNaija superfans! In this article, I will show you how to make your picture, your message and your comment to show on Big Brother Naija Season TV show as shown in the picture below.

Want to see your name on television for all of Naija and the rest of Africa to see? Gather round because we’re telling you how!

We have introduced a new and exciting way to share comments, opinions and that will be rolled out on screen.

Here’s how to send your messages to TV👎

1. Send Message via BBNaija official Website .

You can now send a message to TV via the Big Brother Naija website at www.africamagic.tv/bigbrother . To send your message, follow the instructions below;

Step 2: Then log in using your Facebook account or personal details.

3: Once you’ve logged in, create a message and send, then keep messaging Big Brother Naija all season long, to be part of the conversation. Easy as pie!

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2. On our official BBnaija Facebook page:

You can also have your say on our official Facebook page Big Brother Naija. To do that, follow the instructions below:

Step 4: Visit the BBNaija page here facebook.com/bigbrothernaija.

Step 5: Type your message and sent to TV by posting on BBnaija Facebook page.

Step 6: Leave a comment on any of BBnaija posts.

Step 7: In addition, you can also create a post on our Facebook wall and write your message to Big Brother Naija – and your messages could be aired on television. Simple!

Keep entering this website for more details @ Www.Goldenloaded.com.ng



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