ENT/GIST NEWS: Portable back to Kogbagidi as he apologized for his mistakes

Kogbagidi accepted Portable back as his artist.

popular Nigerian show promoter named Kogbagidi, however sent his artist away this morning concerning the situation where by he talk less of Pocolee on a live video saying, he packed all the money which was sprayed to him on stage by Wizkid ,more over this issue got Kogbagidi annoyed and he was sent out from the house immediately Kogbagidi saw it ,.

Portable, the street singer who aims from Sango Ogun state and whom was the crooner of the recent song “Zazu zeh”, was sent out from kogbagidi abode early this morning but for the love he received from everyone including OLAMIDE BADDO he was able to get back to Kogbagidi with pleading saying “I’m sorry ogami Poco Lee”

To cut the long story short he’s back to Kogbagidi with safe hands


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